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Ankarad Medical Imaging  Systems; Turkish Standardization Institute (TSE) "for X-ray equipment, maintenance, repair, installation and replacement" (TS12426 ve TS13703) owner, TSE 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485 license control.

Lead Armoring Construction of Radiology Rooms

Production of suitable armoring applications for the projected rooms, lead door and lead screen manufacturing for the project.

Armouring procedures in accordance with the TAEK licensing rules of radiology rooms

Renovation and Upgrade of Existing Devices

Making the renewal processes of the devices in use by completely overhaul 

Conversion processes of conventional X-ray devices to digital radiography

Consulting and projecting

Consultancy and project designing services in accordance with TAEK radiation safety instruction
AutoCAD drawings of rooms to be armored TAEK License consultancy

Maintenance Agreement

You can take advantage of our “ Included Parts ”, “ Excluding Parts ” maintenance contract options to protect your systems and devices that are not covered by the warranty and to reduce the risk of forward failure.

Our Advantages for Maintenance Contracted Systems


  • Service priority


  • Faster and Safer Service


  • Cost Advantage


Devices We Support





C-Arm Scope


Mobile X-Ray

Bone Densitometer

Portable X-Ray

Panoramic Dental X-Ray

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