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Solution for Veterinary Interventional Radiology Examination

DR & Real-time FLO



  • Target: Small & Medium interventional practice

  • Larger FOV(14x17”) compared to C-arm (max.12 inch)

  • Image distortion free compared to C-arm (Image Intensifier)

  • Space saving

  • Minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic

  • Real-time image processing (15 FPS for FLO)

Digital Radiography + Fluoroscopy
2 in 1 system

As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)
Pulsed FLO manage reduced dose for you and your pet * 10ms/pulse

10kW Monoblock Type
15kW Inverter based system

The World’s First 36 x 43cm Large FOV
Detector allows dynamic performance

Space Saving at Practice
Small footprint to fit your current clinic room

Great Image Quality

PSA (Photodiode Sensor Array)
Optimized Digital X-ray Image
Wavelet Transform
Offering enhanced real-time FLO

User Friendly Design

4 Way Floating Table
Enhance your workflow
23 inch Touch Screen Display
Intuitive UI

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